Stylish Teen Bedroom Makeup Vanity

Jul 12th

Let’s talk about bedroom makeup vanity. If your hair stylist has a large, handy drawer, but you still can not find your belongings inside, the following idea will help you. Enjoy a drawer divider, like the one used in the kitchen to better organize cutlery and utensils. With her help, you can put makeup by type and find everything easily, without rummaging. You can use a prefabricated divider or use 3 or 4 square or rectangular plastic baskets in various sizes. If you only have 2 lipsticks and a mascara, it’s useless to invest in a makeup table, but if you have a good collection of make-up and accessories, this type of storage will be very useful. And if prefabricated units are not your cup of tea, you can still tinker with an original makeup storage in ordinary objects, even banal.

The wall mounted Mason Jar vintage jars, fixed on a wooden board using clamps, is just great! Alternatively, you can use jars with spices. Wall-mounted makeup storage in a metal board and small magnets on the backs of your beauty products is another super practical and decorative idea at a time! Please arrange your makeup and accessories collection by the vertical by placing the most used products right at your fingertips. The ones you rarely use, can be stored in drawers at the bottom, which are less easily accessible. If you have wall shelves above the makeup table, you can store perfumes, lotions and hair products so that your vanity tray remains free for lipsticks, glosses, mascaras etc. It’s not that makeup is not pretty enough in itself, but sometimes you have to polish our beauty.

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After the dressing table itself, the mirror is certainly the second most important element for the development of a comfortable beauty area. In this respect, mirror options for hairdressers are really endless!  The large wall mirror is a classic and timeless option. It allows you to make up more easily but also brings you an asset to the interior decor. Because, as you probably already know, a large format mirror further illuminates the space and makes it larger. Opt for a surprising color chair, a star mirror, framed by vintage light bulbs or a makeup table in old suitcase to give a unique character to your favorite place. Whatever your choice of organization and home decor at home, keep in mind that well-organized makeup is one of the best ways to save valuable minutes by getting ready in the morning.

In this article we present ideas and products review that can be an option to realize your project about bedroom makeup vanity