Vanity Set with Stool for Children

Jul 11th

Vanity set with stool – Your girl wants to do everything we do, including primp and prepare for her public worship. Create a small vanity for a corner of your bedroom or a niche next to your vanity. And action with fake pearls, candy lipstick, a nice brush and comb set and a box of decorative fabric. Cast off table with a drawer and four legs can be cut to size and transformed into a dream dressing table for a girl. Measure the height of an old wooden table from surface to floor to determine where the legs are cut. Depending on the child’s age and height. The vanity should be between 19 and 24 inches tall. So mark the legs in the appropriate place. Cut your legs with a hand or push-pull saw. Taking care to keep level cuts so you do not wobble the board.

The table a light color to match the decoration of the room. A lavender-tinged white goes with roses or blues easily and may not seem too demanding if your girl is not in pink. Allow the paint to dry between layers. But give the table at least two layers to protect from scratches and scratches. Stencil a design on the front of the drawer. Mark the contours lightly in pencil. Use a fine brush and hobby painting to outline the golden design or a contrasting color. Replace the drawer knob with a cut off “glass” knob, Lucite, plastic or Plexiglas from the hardware store. Place the vanity against the wall. Frame an ornate mirror of the flea market or the attic to match the vanity, or paint it to match the setting.

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Place a wooden bench or a small chair with a ruffled cushion in front of the vanity and place a small vase with a single flower in front of the mirror. If the child is a child, an artificial flower and one without water, unbreakable glass would be a wise choice. Use the largest vanity table measurement if you want the table to be useful as a child grows in a preschooler. Just fix an extra cushion on the bench so she can get to the vanity table. When measuring where to cut the legs. Be sure to measure from the surface of the table down. The portion of the table that becomes the royal vanity includes the surface, the drawer and only a part of the legs.

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